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~ Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lost and Found

Having three dogs was never my intention. That all changed last week after a late night call from my daughter. Her dog Reese was missing and had been for five days. Reese had gone missing from Gillian's dad's house five days earlier while Gillian was with me. For whatever reason, her dad didn't notify anyone that Reese was gone. 

Gillian was understandably upset and so was I. I imagined the worst. We'd had several large snow storms over the previous few days and nighttime temperatures had been below freezing. Few animals could have survived outside in such conditions, and a 12-year old Toy Poodle like Reese definitely couldn't. Still, I tried to remain hopeful and promised Gillian that I'd post flyers and start searching in the morning. 

Not looking for her wasn't an option. Gillian and Reese have grown up together. Gillian was two years old when 8-week old Reese joined our family. I named her Reese because of her caramel and dark brown coloring that reminded me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. When I divorced Gillian's dad, Reese stayed with him in the house we'd all lived in together. I was moving into an apartment and didn't know when I'd be in a house again and able to have a dog. Also, I thought disrupting Gillian's routine and surroundings as little as possible would be best for her. 
Gillian and Reese - Christmas 2000

Even though it was almost 10 p.m. when Gillian let me know Reese was missing, I immediately posted her picture on my Facebook page along with information that she was missing. Mike also posted it on his. Within a short time the post had been shared by over 40 people. The next morning before 7 a.m. we had news. Someone had messaged Mike saying they thought they knew where Reese was. While I waited for more information I checked my Facebook page. A stranger, a woman who was a friend of a friend, had seen my post and asked me to message her. Her friend had found a dog the same day Reese went missing, and she was pretty certain it was Reese. We exchanged phone numbers and before long I received a call from the dog rescuer. I asked a few questions to make sure she had the right dog. She texted me some pictures. It was Reese! 

She'd found her just a few blocks down from my house running down the middle of the road. She took her home and posted a picture on her Facebook page asking for help locating the dog's owner. Her friend saw both of our posts and got in touch with me. Social media had saved the day! Reese was alive! I couldn't believe it. Thanks to many caring people my daughter would be reunited with her dog. 

I brought Reese home and decided she was going to live with me. The callousness and disregard shown by my ex didn't sit well with me. I couldn't fathom that he would be that insensitive to Gillian's feelings, not make any attempt to find her dog, or even let us know she was missing so we could look for her. He'd also neglected Reese's medical care for years. Her teeth were in terrible shape and causing her obvious pain.Two days after she returned, I took her in for a teeth cleaning during which she had to have four abscessed teeth pulled.  He didn't protest when I said Reese was coming to join our family. 

I've always believed how a person treats animals says much about their character. Not caring for a family pet isn't something I can fathom. When I talk to my mom and sister, we don't just catch up on news about the kids, we also share the latest antics by our pets. In our world, pets are family and are treated with love and compassion. Now I have a new addition to my fur family. Reese will spend her golden years with me, loved, pampered and cared for just as a beloved family pet should be. 


  1. That's a story with a happy ending. I'm glad to know Reese is now reunited with her loved ones and that you've taken responsibility for getting her teeth taken care of. Anyone who has had an abscessed tooth knows how awful it can be! :-)

  2. I held my breath as I read this.
    I'm so glad that Reese was found; bless the ones that looked and the one that found and kept her safe until you got her back.
    Love the love between an owner and his/her pet.

  3. Wow, the wonders of social media! What a blessing that your dog was found and returned...but, three dogs? I'd have a hard time keeping up with one.

  4. I'm so glad Reese is home. My heart aches for her frightful adventure. (I have an escape artist who causes me great anxiety.) The picture of Reese with her Gillian is so sweet.

    I'm one of the nuts who risks approaching dogs I find alone, finding their homes, etc. There is one I'm trying to approach now that seems to be feral, possibly displaced in last summer's wildfire. I hope I can befriend him/her soon, and find a home, either new or reunited. I hate that he/she has been out in this cold winter, wandering the forest. I just posted about this furry on FB this morning, and I"m hoping to have the luck you did.

  5. Reese is adorable and I love happy endings like that. You have to hand it to social media. What a miraculous synchronicity! And yes, you are right about the way people treat animals says much about how they treat humans. I'm so glad you are now in a relationship that values this.


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