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~ Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Farewell to Phoenix

It seems to be a summer of goodbye's for me. Yesterday I received the news that my sister Julie's dog Phoenix was put down earlier this week. Julie got Phoenix around 14 years ago when he was a pup, and he was her constant, loyal companion until her death. Phoenix, or the The Fiend as he was also known, will always be remembered for his viciously wagging tail that could take down small children and bring grown men to their knees if he hit them in just the wrong spot! Like his owner, Phoenix was a little neurotic and high-strung, but also beautiful, strong, graceful and very lovable. He was an anxious car traveler and had to be sedated with Benadryl for long trips. He loved to hike, chase tennis balls and lick lotion off of just moisturized feet. More than anything, he loved Julie. He was her protector, friend, companion and security blanket all rolled into one, always by her side, including the moment she took her last breath.

I visited Phoenix in May while I was in Colorado. Seeing him was a priority for me that trip. I knew he was getting very old and I wanted a chance to say goodbye. I spent over an hour alone with him on May 29, the four year anniversary of Julie's death. That morning I laid on the couch in the house where my sister once lived, with my head on one of her old throw pillows and had a heartfelt, tear-filled talk with Phoenix. He came and sat next to me and put his head on the couch right next to mine. When it was time for me to leave he followed me to the door. I went back twice to kiss him and say goodbye. I knew it was our final farewell and I'm certain he knew it too. 

Phoenix was lovingly cared for after Julie's death by Jason, who made sure his final years were comfortable and full of TLC. In addition to Jason, he leaves behind a loving family who will always remember him and be grateful for the years we had him in our midst. I think my sister-in-law said it best. Phoenix had, and gave so much love in his life. Those of us who were lucky enough to be touched by that love will be forever grateful. 
Valentine's Day 2010
Hannah, Julie and Phoenix at Grandma Sally's
Jason and Phoenix 
Morning coffee at mom's house - Easter 2008
Julie and Phoenix - Easter 2010
Buster, Julie and Phoenix - Easter 2010
Walking with the kids - Easter 2010
Road Trip to Grandma Sally's
Saying Goodbye - May 29, 2014
Phoenix - May 2014


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. The punches to the gut just keep coming. The pictures show a dog who had a good life and was loved.

  2. I'm so sorry for yet another loss, but I am comforted when I think of Julie and Phoenix running together in the sunshine somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. Sending you all big virtual hugs.

  3. Thank you for writing this. I have loved seeing these pictures of Julie and Phoenix. I've looked at them over and over. Sometimes it still seems unreal…


  4. Catching up, Keicha, after a summer largely offline. What a beautiful post. I can imagine that if Phoenix could shed tears, he would have joined you on your farewell visit. He sounds like a great comfort. I'll imagine that he and Julie are now reunited. It could happen.


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