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~ Henry David Thoreau

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Gillian

I'll be honest, having a teenage daughter is more than a little challenging, especially when the similarities between her and I are the main reason for the challenges. I'm happy to be raising a smart, observant, independent thinker who is comfortable expressing what she wants, but it does make for some less than peaceful moments at home. Along with the challenges of raising a teenage girl there is also the delight that comes from watching her mature into a young woman, testing, experimenting and learning about the adult person she'll become.  

On Saturday, we celebrated another year of Gillian's life as she turned 14. I was reminded, as I always am on her birthday, what a gift she is to me, and how lucky I am to have a daughter to love, protect and cherish. I'm excited to see the woman she will become, and look forward to watching her experience the next few years of life and all the fun and adventures it will bring.  Here are some highlights from her day.
Presents for the birthday girl. 
Gillian protesting having her picture taken,
and the dogs wishing they could join the fun.
Sophie and Lucy being cute, even in exile.
Birthday breakfast at IHOP
Hunger Games themed birthday cake
Making a wish


  1. Thanks for posting the photos of Gillian's birthday. She has grown up so fast. I wish I could have been there. Love you, Gills.

  2. It must be amazing to think of having a teenager! Do you remember when YOU turned 14? I remember my birthday very well; I felt like a grownup, finally. :-)

  3. You and Gillian look quite alike. What a wonderful day to celebrate -- and those packages are just gorgeous!


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