"Say what you have to say, and not what you ought."
~ Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Memories of 2016

This year I didn't get Christmas cards sent out and I've never been one to send Christmas letters. I've also severely neglected blogging this year, not because I've had nothing to write about, just because I spent the year enjoying life and trying as much as possible to live in the moment. Here's a look back at 2016 and some of its memorable moments. 

2016 was full of celebrating many milestones with family, starting with 
my niece Regan's 18th birthday. 
Gillian and I continued our tradition of making Valentine cookies together.
Gillian attended and voted in her first presidential election caucus.

Later in the year she proudly supported the first female presidential candidate
when voting for the first time. 

In May, Gillian survived her 1st (and hopefully only) car 
accident, totaling her car. Luckily she wasn't hurt. 
Gillian's Senior Prom
With my mom and grandma, Alberta French, on her 100th birthday.
Three generations of my family dance around the large globe willow tree in my grandma's backyard
as the sun set on the evening of her 100th birthday party. What a gift it was to be able to gather
once again under that tree, the place where countless family pictures have been taken,
and where so many happy moments have been shared. 
Grandma's 100th birthday bash in her backyard 
was a weekend full of family, fun, memories and celebration. 
These cousins live in three different states and don't see each other much.
They loved their time together in Colorado to celebrate their great-grandma's birthday.
Kelly and I celebrated one year together while enjoying a relaxing
week with friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Utes tailgate parties and football games are always a good time. 
Gillian started her senior year of high school. 
Gillian and her boyfriend at the Ogden High vs. Ben Lomond Iron Horse football game.
Gillian turned 18 in October. I'm not sure where the time goes. I've cherished our
 time together this year,  and am enjoying watching her grow into a talented, mature, 
hard-working, smart, independent young woman.
It's been a year filled with treasured family time. This is me with
my nephew Bridger and my 92-year old grandpa in September.

Me, back in a bike saddle after a 10+ year hiatus, enjoying a gorgeous
fall weekend with Kelly in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Thanksgiving with my mom and sister in Utah, a rare occasion.
Our last Thanksgiving together in Utah was over 2 decades ago.

This year was filled with many treasured moments and memories. Thank you to all of my friends and family who were there to share those moments with me and helped make them special. I'm sending much love and happy holiday wishes to each of you.